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I ordered tea from Celestial Seasonings on 1/16/08. I was told that the tea was on backorder.

Shortly afterwards, I got an e-mail saying that the tea was scheduled to be shipped, via Federal Express ground, on 1/18/08. I received an order number as well as a Fed. Exp. tracking number.

According to the tracking number, my package was in Romeoville, IL on 1/19/08. The package hasn't moved since then. Three times I've tried to contact Customer Service via the website, and got no response. I called the phone number on the website just to have a woman say it was wrong.

She gave me the correct number and transferred me there. Nobody answered. When I tried to call the "correct" number, I got a message that it was invalid. I want my tea or my money.

A decent explanation and apology would be nice too.

Don't order anything online from Celestial Seasonings.

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Harwood, Maryland, United States #3243

I got the "and more"on 2/11/08. It was another box with 6 boxes of the tea I ordered, 2 other boxes of similar teas and 4, 50-cents off coupons for more tea. Great products, but use the website at your own risk.

Harwood, Maryland, United States #3159

Great products, poor customer service. I don't believe anyone should have to fight to get what they paid for, or speak to a voicemail box about it.

Customer service should be better than that. Use this company's online ordering system with caution and be prepared to have issues.

Harwood, Maryland, United States #3158

I got what I paid for, nothing more, on 2/8/08. The 6 boxes of tea were in a cardboard box, which was packed in another cardboard box, with a packing "balloon" inside. Bigelow shipped me 6 packs of tea, the same size and weight, and that package only weighed 2 pounds. Celestial Seasonings could use a few packaging tips from Bigelow.

I also got apologies from two employees, Patti and Shawnda.

I don't care for them using iLevel for customer service either. It's a glorified voicemail box.

When ordering online from this company, I'd use some caution and expect to have issues. I really don't believe I'm the only person who has ever been through this with Celestial Seasonings.

Harwood, Maryland, United States #2898

After I wrote this review, I got busy and found e-mail addresses for their marketing and PR people. I wrote to both. On 2/4/08, a woman named Shawnda from their store in CO called me and said this had never happened before, and they wanted to make it right. She told me I needed to call a certain number and, if they didn't get back to me within 24 hours, she'd send my order from the store herself. That was a very busy workday for me, and I didn't have time to call the number.

On 2/5/08, a woman named Patti called me about the matter, saying this had never happened before, apologized, and said they'd send me what I ordered "and more." When I got home last night, I had an e-mail message from Celestial Seasonings. It had a tracking number in it. I checked the number, and the package went out from Champaign, IL. Anticipated delivery is 2/8/08. It's the same weight as the original package, which is still sitting in Romeoville, IL, so I'm not sure if I'll really get the "and more" or not.

It took me 3 e-mail contacts via the website, a phone call to the websites Customer Service department's useless phone number (all they do is say "we can't help" and transfer you to another number that is nothing more than a voicemail box), and Googling for the e-mail addresses of marketing and PR people and posting on this website to get this far towards resolution . I don't know if they got the letter from Pissed Consumer, but I did opt for that to be sent too.

I'm not going to say it's resolved, because I don't have the goods in hand yet. I will update this with the final results, whatever they may be.

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